Brooklyn Brewery Brings The Haze With ‘Brooklyn Pulp Art’ Hazy IPA

An Artistically Inspired Hazy IPA For The People

BROOKLYN, NY – FEBRUARY 25, 2021 Beer? Art? Both! Today, Brooklyn Brewery is announcing the newest addition to its core line-up: Brooklyn Pulp Art Hazy IPA. Pulp Art [6.5% ABV] is Brooklyn’s first widely distributed hazy IPA, available year-round starting February 2021.

Just as the Pop Art movement created big, bold art for everyone to enjoy, Brooklyn’s Pulp Art is a hazy IPA for all. This modern masterpiece is a delicious blur between beer and art, with in-your-face notes of bright tropical fruit, and a refreshingly soft finish, featuring Citra, Strata, and Simcoe hops.

“Pulp Art IPA launches on the palate with crisp bitterness up front, but then quickly opens up onto a range of tropical and stone fruit flavors – mango, tangerine, and peaches. A generous helping of oats gives the beer a round, luscious texture and a gentle sweetness in the center” describes Brewmaster Garrett Oliver. “It signs off with a clean mineral snap and delivers all the flavors we’re looking for in hazy IPAs, but with a really pleasant balance. It’s wonderfully fruity without being a sugar-bomb, so it’s a beer you’ll want to stick with for a few nice pints.”

Brooklyn Brewery collaborated with the creative minds at Thirst, a drinks design and branding agency based in the UK, to realize the Pulp Art brand and bring the beer to life. The design gave Brooklyn Brewery’s iconic badge a Pop Art makeover, influenced by Lichtenstein’s bold signature style. IPA for All: Variety Pack Debut Pulp Art Hazy IPA will also be available in Brooklyn’s new “IPA For All” variety can 12 pack alongside other fan-favorite IPAs: The Stonewall Inn IPA, Brooklyn East IPA, and the IPA For All exclusive, Parktime IPA, a 5.7% ABV fresh, outdoorsy IPA.

“Over the years Brooklyn Brewery has been able to brew some fantastic IPAs, many of which we’ve brought to the public as small-scale limited releases. Those beers have quickly become favorites among our NY friends, fans and families, as well as our own team at the Brewery,” says Miles Moser, VP of Sales at Brooklyn Brewery. “Consumers have embraced hazy IPAs on an incredible scale in recent years and the challenge for us was making some of our beloved limited releases more accessible. Pulp Art blew everyone’s socks off. Not only are we able to scale this beer to meet demand, but more importantly, we can make it with the consistency and focus on quality that drinkers expect from us.”

Brooklyn Pulp Art Hazy IPA is launching in the US across the Brewery’s 30+ state footprint as of February 2021 in 6pk x 12oz cans, 12pk x 12oz cans, 4pk x 16oz cans, and draft. Large format 19.2oz cans are launching in April 2021.

Brooklyn IPA For All Variety pack is launching in the US across the Brewery’s 30+ state footprint as of February 2021. Included within the pack are:

• The Stonewall Inn IPA (4% ABV): A spirited session IPA with fresh notes of lemon peel and grapefruit zest.

• Brooklyn East IPA (6.9% ABV): An IPA where British tradition meets American innovation with malt driven toffee notes of under hoppy juniper and stone fruit aromas from the West Coast.

• *NEW*: Brooklyn Parktime (5.7% ABV): Brooklyn Parktime IPA is an exclusive offering that will only be available in the variety pack, and will not be sold separately.


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