Iconic Cerveza Superior Celebrates Its 125th Anniversary With U.S. Debut

STAMFORD, CT – Promising a “Superior” summer, Cerveza Superior is celebrating its 125th anniversary making its U.S. debut just in time for the hot days ahead. The popular Mexican beer’s staying power is rooted in its unparalleled brewing tradition. United States Beverage (USB) is rolling out Cerveza Superior in selected markets.  The crisp, full-bodied Mexican lager from Orizaba, Veracruz, promises to stand out due to its popularity in Mexico and its legendary origins from one of the most important breweries in the 20th century.

“Cerveza Superior represents a 125-year history of world-class excellence in beer making.  Our U.S. debut will delight longtime Superior fans and beer aficionados will now be able to enjoy the authentic taste of tradition.  Superior’s heritage will inspire new generations to appreciate the lager from legendary Orizaba,” says, Miguel Angel Sánchez, Area Export Manager, Heineken Americas Export.

Superior was born before the Mexican Revolution as a beer for the most demanding palates. Cerveceria Moctezuma opened its doors in 1896 and the authentic Superior flavor began to emerge from the majestic peaks of Orizaba. The Orizaba region is known for abundant water from the melts of Pico de Orizaba or Citlatépetl, the third highest peak in North America standing at 18,491feet.  The quality of the water, characterized by being soft and with a low mineral content, favors the production of this lager-style beer.

Available in select markets in U.S. for the first time, Cerveza Superior can be found in 6 pack bottles, 12 pack cans, and 24 oz can, at retail channels across the country, including grocery chains, independent stores, and restaurants.

About Cerveza Superior

Superior is a lager-style beer, known for its great flavor and full body. It originated in Orizaba, Veracruz, Mexico in 1896.  It is a golden colored beer and has a 4.5% Alc. Vol. The brand’s Superior Blonde character reached iconic status over the years, so much so that consumers associated her as “The Blonde that everyone wants,” the brand’s slogan for more than 20 years. Cerveza Superior is a brand of Heineken Mexico.

About United States Beverage

United States Beverage (USB) is a leading independent sales and marketing company representing premium import, craft, and specialty malt beverages. USB provides a national distribution network for a global portfolio of premium brands including Cerveza Superior, Dragon Stout, Alfa Beer, Krusovice, Zagorka, and Zajecarsko, Moosehead Lager and Radler, sparkling malt beverages Malibu® Splash, Innis and Gunn, 1911 Cider, Super Bock, the Damm portfolio of brands: Estrella Damm Lager, INEDIT, and DAURA, Czechvar, Tona Cerveza, Superior Cerveza, and Dragon Stout.