Odell Brewing Launches Kindling, Beer And Charity Program

Kindling will serve as the spokes-beer for the brewery’s charitable program and community outreach.

(Fort Collins, CO) – Odell Brewing is proud to announce the latest addition to their year-round lineup, Kindling, a refreshing Golden Ale with aromas of crisp malts and subtle citrus. Kindling will serve as the spokes-beer for the brewery’s charitable program and community outreach.

For many nonprofit organizations the focus is doing the work for the community they serve but their message doesn’t always reach a larger, broader audience. Odell Brewing will use Kindling Golden Ale as a platform to share the impact their partners make, amplify their message, and engage with new audiences.

“We’ve given Kindling a job to do, to share the Odell tradition of making a lasting positive impact in the communities where we do business,” explains Karla Baise of Odell Brewing’s Community Outreach. “This beer will tell the stories of the great work that our charitable partners do and invite fans to join us at our metaphorical campfire to raise a glass and toast to the impact our partners make.”

Since they founded the brewery in 1989, Doug, Wynne, and Corkie Odell have made philanthropy a central part of the business and culture at Odell Brewing. Over the decades the brewery has invested in their communities through donating to The Community Fund of Northern Colorado, supporting rotating annual seasonal partners, paid volunteer hours for co-workers, grants for projects, relief aid, and donating taproom space and beer for fundraising events. With the launch of Kindling Golden Ale, Odell Brewing has renamed their platform, “Odell Gives Back 1%”, which represents the brewery’s commitment to giving 1% of all revenue to their charitable programs and community outreach.

“Odell Gives Back is even bigger than Kindling,” explains Odell Brewing CEO Eric Smith. “By tying our give directly to our revenue we’re connecting the intention to each beer we brew. Every six pack, keg, and pint sold at each taproom and across our 20 state distribution adds to the annual contribution.”

Along with the release of Kindling, Odell Brewing is launching a six-week campaign that highlights their charitable partners and showcases the work they do in the community in order to raise awareness around their impact and needs. This year their Charitable Partners include but are not limited to:

  • Fort Collins Cultural Enrichment Center was founded in May of 2020 to address the cultural, academic, career, and social needs of middle school and high school African American students in Fort Collins.
  • The Growing Project promotes an environmentally and socially just local food system through direct agricultural experiences, education, economic opportunities, and advocacy.
  • Wildlands Restoration Volunteers is a Colorado nonprofit that provides opportunities for people to come together, learn about their natural environment, and take direct action to restore and care for the land.
  • The Gathering Place is the only daytime drop-in center in metropolitan Denver that serves women, transgender individuals, and their children who are experiencing poverty or homelessness.

Inspired by traditional brewing techniques, Kindling Golden Ale is the culmination of over a year of R&D on both the Fort Collins and Denver RiNo Brewhouse Pilot Systems. Brewed with premium malts and one of Odell’s house yeast strains, this 5% Golden Ale boasts bright citrus and peach aromas and a crisp, refreshing finish.

Kindling Golden Ale will be available on draft and in 6-pack cans across Colorado. This beer will be one of Odell’s brand priorities for 2021 and is currently available throughout their 20-state footprint. To learn more about Kindling Odell Brewing’s Charitable Program and nonprofit partners  visit https://www.odellbrewing.com/impact/

About Odell Brewing

Odell Brewing, the 21st largest craft brewery in the U.S.,  is a regional, independent, and employee owned craft brewery. Since 1989, the culture of family and collaboration has thrived, fostering a brewery full of beer-centric people. It is this passion for beer that inspires Odell Brewing to create quality, hand-crafted and innovative brews. Odell Brewing is committed to providing exceptional service to its customers while making positive contributions to their co-workers and community through its outreach and charitable giving programs.