Stone Brewing Launches Stone Imperial Star Fawker IPA

Setting Hop Coordinates to the Stone Fruit Zone

Now Available in Arizona– Stone Imperial Star Fawker Hazy IPA is loaded with Rakau & Citra hops for an intense blast of stonefruit and citrus flavors. And the aroma on this one is massive. As in, you-can-smell-the-hops-from-space massive.

At 9% ABV, this hazy double IPA is a follow up mission to Stone Viking Space Probe Hazy Double IPA (which took fans on an out-of-this-world hoppy expedition earlier this year). As the Stone Brewers put it:

“We were looking for a Hazy Double IPA to release this summer, so decided to brew an Imperial IPA version of one of our favorite Napa creations, Star Fawker Hazy Pale Ale. It blew us away!”

Be among the first to find this stellar creation at the peak of freshness in all Stone locations thoroughout the Grand Canyon State. Keep an eye on the Stone beer finder to locate where in your universe to grab Stone Imperial Star Fawker IPA.

Release Date

June 22, 2021

Flavor Profile

Ripe mango, juicy stone fruit, pineapple, orange, wheat, and touch of New Zealand hop-derived diesel notes


Sturdy body, nice balance of smoothness and bitterness with a long, satisfying finish


Straw to peach in color, hazy with tiny bubbles.


Peach, nectarine, pineapple, plum, grainy wheat character, and marshmallow