cover image of Jeff and Jenn Hebert, owners of superstition meadery

Superstition Meadery Teams up with Hensley Beverage Company for Statewide Distribution in Arizona

PHOENIX, AZ Nov. 30, 2020 – Superstition Meadery, one of the largest Mead producers in the world, today announced that they will be teaming up with Hensley Beverage Company for statewide distribution in Arizona. This partnership will put Superstition Meadery’s products within reach of even more of its loyal fans within Arizona, and make room for expansion into markets across the United States and the world.

The story of Superstition Meadery is one of true innovation and quality, with a personal commitment to their employees, retailers and to the community. Superstition Meadery closely aligns with Hensley’s own core mission and values and will be a tremendous addition to a robust book of diverse and award-winning beverages in the Hensley portfolio.

Samantha Shuey, Director of Sales at Superstition Meadery said, “Mead is the next big thing in craft beverages and we couldn’t have a better partner for distribution in our home state to introduce our diverse vision to so many new customers.”

Superstition Meadery has established themselves as the absolute leader in the mead category, and as a top Arizona beverage producer. The timing of this announcement closely coincides with the Grand Opening of the new Superstition Meadery location in downtown Phoenix, which is the world’s first mead and food pairing restaurant. This new location in the heart of downtown truly adds another layer of excitement to our partnership announcement. 

“We couldn’t be more excited to partner with Superstition as they continue their journey in defining the space and producing truly unique and globally recognized products. We look forward to adding Superstition Meadery’s unique lineup of meads and ciders to our portfolio, and to continue to provide the very best products to our retailers and customers across Arizona.” said Nicholas Kieffer, Brand Manager at Hensley Beverage Company

Superstition Meadery was founded in 2012 by Jen and Jeff Herbert in Skull Valley, AZ and became and entrepreneurial success story in 2019 when they were named the best small business in the country by the US Small Business Administration. Employing a myriad of techniques and ingredients, Superstition remains constantly engaged in studying, developing and testing fresh new ideas. From backyard BBQs to Michelin starred restaurants, Superstition’s products are ready for any occasion. For more information on Superstition Meadery, please visit their website here.